How to find a thrive promoter with le vel and become a thrive promoter

Le Vel Promoter
Here are my 10 reason for you to become a level brand promoter today!
  1. Thrive is free to join and become a promoter (you will need to be qualified and active to earn commissions)
  2. Le-Vel Thrive is the first cloud based company of its kind – this means less overhead which will make this a more profitable company.
  3. Le-Vel is still young, just 24 months old but has done a great job of spreading the word and establishing the brand.
  4. You can get your Thrive products free by signing up 2 people for the auto-ship program.
  5. Simple but unique product line – just three main products that fit the needs of just about everyone.
  6. 4,300% growth in the last 12 months, this is a sign that the time is now to get in.
  7. Earn 20% commissions on retail sales.
  8. Le-Vel Thrive will be featured on the cover on Success From Home magazine in November 2014, which will add even more exposure to the company which means free advertising for you.
  9. The products work, there are already hundreds of success stories and hundreds of positive testimonials out there from happy Thrive users.
  10. Many promoter bonus programs that reward you as you grow your business.
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