How to become a internet nomad and live the digital nomad dream?

It was a dream of mine ever since the concept of working online came into existence. The idea that I could be online and remote nomad working wherever I pleased was intoxicating

However, what digital skills will I need to be a remote professional?

we can not work online without learning new digital and internet marketing skills. So, ask yourself...

  • What and where does your existing digital and internet skill set stand at the moment?
  • Will your existing skill set compliment an internet business?
  • What are your main passions in life that can be monetized into an digital business?
  • How much money do you feel you can invest in a business?
Once you have answered these questions you will start to visualize the best area for you. This is a process of self discovery so start creating a mind map of ideas, skills and passions until the puzzle is put together and your plan is clear. 

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